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Vitsentzatos Vikentios - Panagiotopoulos Ioannis
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The company Constructions Patras of Panagiotopoulos Ioannis and Vitsentzatos Vikentios based in the city of Patras, has been dealing since 1999 with Aluminum Constructions, Iron Constructions, Metal buildings, special metal constructions, stainless steel constructions, plaster constructions and thermal structures. Based in the city of Patras, it serves all of Greece, always respecting the customer. Collaborates with major companies in the field such as Exalco and Alumil. With responsible staff who have the necessary know-how and are properly trained, as well as the excellent quality of raw materials, we can always offer you the most competitive prices, constructions of excellent quality and high aesthetics. Depending on the style of your building, the constructions we undertake correspond to either the traditional beauty or the modern aesthetics.


We undertake the design, study and decoration of your home or office.


Plaster Constructions
We create and reconstruct your space with fantastic plaster constructions. We have a wide range of original designs and better qualities of materials. Our art is always at your disposal. We undertake project supervision, special constructions, interior and exterior decorations, private and professional, with false ceilings, partitions, hidden lighting, plasterboard, domes, fireplace coverings. Our experienced and specialized staff comes to your place and proposes the most economical solutions with a wide range of designs. Our company covers the full range of technical needs from design and design to implementation. Come to us to ensure prompt service - consistency - quality at the most competitive prices.


Thermal facade of a building
Exterior thermal insulation, also known as a thermal facade or shell is the thermal insulation of the walls outside your home. This way your home is protected from heat and cold. The house becomes ergonomic and your cost for heating and cooling is significantly reduced. The thermal facade of a building is done by placing thermal insulation boards on the outside of its vertical walls. Each building has different parameters that must be taken into account for the implementation of a successful thermal facade, such as its existing thermal insulation capacity, the structural elements that constitute it and the local climate of the area.