Iron constructions

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Iron constructions
Our company with several years in its assets and the necessary experience undertakes iron constructions, such as the construction of Metal buildings, Special metal constructions, Stainless constructions, Lofts, Stairs, Railings.


Metal House
The term metal houses obviously does not refer to houses made entirely of metal. The term metal houses is mainly used to describe houses that use steel in the load-bearing structure of the building in combination with reinforced concrete in the foundation and possibly in the slabs. Practically, as a metal house or a metal building, we consider the building whose structural frame is made of metal.
The main method of construction of metal houses used by Smart Building is Mixed Construction. Mixed Construction is a modern way of building based on the cooperation of steel sections (metal elements) and reinforced concrete elements for the construction of a metal house. It aims at the maximum possible utilization of the properties of the two structural elements for the benefit of the final metal construction. The way the composite structure is constructed using a metal load-bearing structure is also far superior to the classical methods of prefabricated prefabricated houses.