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Aluminum frames

Protection from Weather Phenomena
The aluminum frames of our company respond perfectly to all weather phenomena, ensuring ideal living conditions inside your home:
Thermal insulation Maintaining a constant temperature, winter - summer, thanks to the excellent thermal permeability indicators (low Uw).
Waterproofing Preventing water from entering the interior, due to the particularly high waterproofing.
Air permeability The multiple sealing tires "seal" the window and prevent the entry of gas masses inside.
Resistance to wind pressure Sturdiness and stability against high wind loads that put pressure on the window, even in extreme weather events, such as hurricanes.

Endurance in Time
Frames will be bought at most 2 times in your life. Therefore, it is very important to be resistant to the damage caused by time.
The aluminum that our products are made of is a very durable material. It has excellent resistance to corrosion and requires minimal maintenance.
The certified components of the range that we use in our frames (hinges, handles, mechanisms, sealing tires, etc.) are equally durable, maximizing the overall durability over time.
The surface treatments of paint and anodizing that are done in our modern certified facilities, shield the window and protect it from corrosion and the sun.

Sound reduction
Noise pollution has been scientifically proven to have particularly negative effects on our health. Enjoy the peace you need in your home, through the windows.
Certified frames provide high sound reduction performance and thus contribute to improving the quality of life.
The sound reduction index is measured in dB (decibels) and the higher it is, the higher the sound reduction the window offers.


Burglary Resistance
A sense of security is one of the most important values ​​for a home. Enhanced protection from unwanted visitors is therefore a prerequisite in the selection of windows:
High burglary resistance performance, which is a deterrent to any would-be intruder.
Certified burglary resistance based on the RC standard, for enhanced protection against the most common burglary methods.


We offer an impressive range of bioclimatic pergolas with movable blinds, fully automated, to transform an open space into a uniquely comfortable experience. The rotating blinds create a very sturdy and electrically adjustable surface (0-135 °) for controlled sunshine, brightness and air flow, as well as effective protection from rain and other weather conditions.
The pergolas incorporate sliding glass frames, vertical shading rollers, hanging shutters, LED lighting and heating devices, and state-of-the-art automation systems to implement your personal preferences.
Ideal for self-supporting, wall and multiple constructions in modern homes, yards and gardens, as well as in hotels, restaurants, terraces and many other outdoor spaces.

Top quality, unlimited color choices
Construction scalability and ease of installation
A variety of solutions and typologies
Robustness and very large dimensions
Unparalleled aesthetics and comfort
Bioclimatic design
Effective shading and protection from the weather