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The company Constructions Patras of Panagiotopoulos Ioannis and Vitsentzatos Vikentios based in the city of Patras, has been dealing since 1999 with Aluminum Constructions, Iron Constructions, Metal buildings, special metal constructions and stainless steel constructions. Based in the city of Patras, it serves all of Greece, always respecting the customer. Collaborates with major companies in the field such as Exalco and Alumil.

With responsible staff who have the necessary know-how and are properly trained, as well as the excellent quality of raw materials, we can always offer you the most competitive prices, constructions of excellent quality and high aesthetics. Due to our many years of experience in the field, we can offer our customers all kinds of aluminum constructions such as aluminum frames, doors, windows, shutters, railings, garage doors etc.

Depending on the style of your building, the constructions we undertake correspond to either the traditional beauty or the modern aesthetics. They are unaffected by weather conditions (rainfall, high temperatures) have durability and unlimited maintenance life.

The main component of our success, in addition to our long experience, is the combination of our specialized staff, the perfect construction of projects of high quality, functionality and aesthetics but also the immediate and effective service. The results of our work at every level, enable us to feel confident about every construction we undertake.



Aluminum frames
The aluminum frames of our company respond perfectly to all weather phenomena,
ensuring ideal living conditions inside your home:
Thermal insulation Maintaining a constant temperature, winter - summer, thanks to the excellent thermal permeability indicators (low Uw).
Waterproofing Preventing water from entering the interior, due to the particularly high waterproofing.
Air permeability The multiple sealing tires "seal" the window and prevent the entry of gas masses inside.
Resistance to wind pressure Sturdiness and stability against high wind loads that put pressure on the window, even in extreme weather events, such as hurricanes.


Iron constructions
Our company with several years in its assets and the necessary experience undertakes iron constructions,
such as the construction of Metal buildings, Special metal structures, Stainless steel structures, Lofts, Stairs, Railings.

Metal House
The term metal houses obviously does not refer to houses made entirely of metal. The term metal houses is mainly used to describe houses that use steel in the load-bearing structure of the building in combination with reinforced concrete in the foundation and possibly in the slabs. Practically, as a metal house or a metal building, we consider the building whose structural frame is made of metal.